How Can You Chat Again With Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp?

How Can You Chat Again With Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp?

Did someone block you on WhatsApp?. There isn’t a specific or a magical way to make you unblock yourself by your personal line, although there are some simple methods can help you to reach that person again and if things come out right, you will be unblocked.

Step 1: Are You sure That The Person Had Banned You On WhatsApp?

Before getting into methods, It will be better to spend few minutes thinking if this person really had blocked you or not?. Sometimes people are just busy so they don’t check their phones, not just because someone didn’t reply fast means you are banned.

If someone blocks you, it might be in your interest to wait before contacting him again. Sometimes friendship needs time to heal before make it works again.

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First Method: You Can Talk To This Person Per a Chat Group.

The messages of chat groups may be interesting, but they may be also annoying especially when you receive a new message ever two seconds. Nevertheless, if you are in the same chat group with the person who banned you, you will be able to reach him.

Indeed you can ban direct message between users in WhatsApp unlike the chat group. So if the person who blocked you is in the same group you can always send a message through the group to make him see it.

But what if this person just leaves the chat group?

Then you should follow the method bellow.

Second Method: Chat With The Person Who Banned you By Adding Him In A Chat Group.

We are not permitted in WhatsApp to add people who have banned us in a group chat, but you can do so by asking someone to do it for you.

Ask a friend to creat a new chat group and add you and the person who blocked you. For privacy, the friend can get out of the chat group and makes you the group admin so that you will be able to chat with the person who banned you so easily.

There is another way to unblock yourself below, but it’s dissuade because it doesn’t work to everyone.

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Third Method: Unblock Yourself Directly.

To unblock yourself directly without any chat groups and contact everyone who has blocked you like he didn’t on WhatsApp in a normal way, you should delete your WhatsApp account completely.

First, go to “settings”, then move to “account” and choose “delete my account” as it is explained in the following image:

Ps: if you delete your account completely you will lose all the data and messages.

After all this, uninstall the application and restart your phone. Then go to play store and install “WhatsApp” again (don’t forget to enter your number and activate the account) and you will find that you can chat with everyone including the person who blocked you.

Ps:this method doesn’t work for everyone who wants to chat with someone who blocked him, so just ignore it if you can and try the second method. Although it won’t unblock you, but you will be able to chat.

Forth Method: Try To Gain Your Lost Friendship.

When you reach the person who banned you, be calm and patient and honest. Ask him why did he ban you? and before you tell him how do you feel, put yourself in his shoes. With a simple step like “I’m sorry” you can gain his friendship again.


In the end, we hope this article “How Can Chat Again With Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp?” helps you to solve your problem.

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