How to watch your friends’ Instagram stories without them knowing

Watch your friends’ Instagram stories without them knowing

Instagram Stories is one of the best features of the app but it has some issues and limitations. They are only available for 24 hours before they are completely disappear . Also, when you watch a friend’s story, it informs them that you have viewed it.. Well, what if I told you that there is a way that you can watch Instagram Stories without your friend knowing that you did?

Instagram does not have this feature to do this you must install a 3rd party app. Download and install this app from here >> Story Saver, and now I’ll show you how to use it.

How to save your Instagram stories

1. Download and install Story Saver

Go to Google Play Store and install Story Saver for Instagram on your mobile phone. Unfortunately for iOS users, this program is currently only available for Android, so this tutorial will be directed to Android users but there is an iOS app called Stories Repost.

2. Enter your account details

Open the app and enter your Instagram username and password.

3. Find your friends’ stories…or anyone else whose story you want to see

The Story Saver main menu displays, by default, a list of your friends’ latest news in the order in which they are published. You can select any of these or you can also search for stories of people who are not in your contact list. You can simply type their name into the search bar at the top and hit “Go.”

Keep in mind that you need to know the exact name of the user you are trying to find. There are no misspellings

4. Choose a story and save it

Once you find the person you are looking for, the next page will give you 3 options:

  1. “Repost” gives you the option to repost the story to your Instagram account. We don’t recommend this option unless you want everyone to think you’re happy to steal someone else’s content.
  2. “Save” (recommended) allows you to save the story as a video on your phone so you can watch it whenever you want.
  3. “Share” also saves the video to your phone but gives you the option to share it with friends via WhatsApp for example.

5. Enjoy watching videos (story) without anyone knowing

If you follow these steps, you will be able to see all your friends on Instagram Stories without them knowing that you saw them.

Make sure you don’t use Story Saver with bad intentions, such as stealing someone else’s content or reposting things without permission.


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