How to download iPhone apps from the app store easily

Today, we review in detail how to download iPhone programs from the App Store, as well as solving problems that appear during download. The number of free and paid apps and games on the App Store exceeds 2 million different apps and games.

If you recently acquired an iPhone or iPad, this is the beginning. There are those who start buying accessories for the phone, then the journey of downloading the programs and applications that you use continuously, whether you are a beginner or an expert, begins.

How to search for apps in the app store

To learn how to download iPhone apps from the app store, you must first get the apps from the App Store. You should also know how to search for applications within the Store, by following these steps:

  • Open the app store.
  • Click on the search icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom right.
  • Write the name of the required application.

How to download iPhone apps from the app store

Once we type the name of the application and search for it, we come to the next step, which is how to download iPhone programs from the app store or games on the phone.

This is done by following these steps:

After the search and the results appear, we click on the application.

There are free applications and paid applications, if the application is paid, we click on get, and if the application is paid, we click on the price of the app.
We also press the home button to activate Touch ID, or double-click the side button to activate Face ID.

How to update apps and games automatically on iPhones

After talking about ways to search for apps on the Apple Store and download them, as well as talking about how to update iPhone program from the app store. We are now talking about the update steps for these applications. In order to get updates for the applications automatically, permanently, and without user intervention to obtain the latest features, one click can get the updates automatically. 

This is done by following these steps:

  • We open the Settings app.
  • Then we go down until we find the App Store.
  • After opening it, we find under automatic downloads app updates that we activate.
  • Then, after activation, the phone downloads updates automatically, without the need to enter to search for them manually.

How to manually update apps and games on iPhones

You can manually update an application or a game, or a group of applications and games on the iPhone, using the following steps:

  • We open the App store application.
  • We also click on the profile icon in the top right.
  • Next to all applications, the word Update appears, where an application or several applications can be updated according to the user’s desire.

How to download iPhone apps from the app store for free

Applications can be downloaded for free on iPhones, by following these steps:

  • We open the App store.
  • We also search for an app by name through the search option below, or choose apps or games.
  • To choose the free apps, we click on the apps, we find a section for the top free apps.
  • Then we click on View All or see all.

After these steps that were explained about how to download and update iPhone programs from the app store for free, we will talk about how we know that the application is free or paid.

Next to each app on the right, you’ll find a wide range of apps, indicating that the app is free, paid, previously downloaded, or already installed on the phone.

You will find it as follows:

The phrase “get” indicates that the application is free and can be downloaded easily and without any fees, and in order to download it, you must enter the Apple ID number, either through Touch ID or Face ID.

  • Also, the phrase “open” indicates that the application is actually installed on the phone, and it can be opened directly by pressing open and you do not need to download it again.
  • “A cloud icon”, indicates that the application was previously downloaded, but it was deleted from the phone and can be downloaded again by pressing the cloud icon.
  • The price of the application, which is the purchase price of the application or game, and in order to download it, a fee must be paid to download it.

How to view the history of apps you have downloaded or purchased from the App Store

Sometimes you delete important apps or games by mistake, and you may not remember their name to download them again. Fortunately, there is an important feature that allows the user to view all the applications and games that he has downloaded before, and thus it is easy to re-download them.

As we are now reviewing this feature, and to access it, we do the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click on your profile, and you will find it at the top right of the page.
  • click on iTunes & App Store.
  • click on the Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • click on View Apple ID.
  • Then we scroll down until we find the Purchase History option for all downloads made on the phone.
  • You can then re-download the apps that we deleted before again.

Solve the problem of inability to download applications and updates on IOS 11 or 12

There are some users who may face the problem of the inability to download iPhone programs from the app store, or the inability to download updates, or applications and games on the iOS 11 or 12 operating system.

Here are the steps to solve the problem:

  • Log out and then log back in again, by:
  • Go to Settings.
  • Then iTunes & App Store.
  • Then click on Apple ID and then Sign Out.
  • Then we click again on the Apple ID.
  • Then sign in with your Apple ID.
  • If this problem is not resolved, we delete the application, and then re-download it again.

Also, if these steps do not work, we remove the restriction on downloading applications, by following the following:

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Click General.
  • Restrictions.
  • Then we enter the password.
  • Then we activate installing apps.

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