Top 5 Logo Design Sites for Free Logo Design 2021

Are you looking for free logo design sites? Every business needs a logo but not everyone has logo design skills, even if you are not an expert you can create a set of logos for free on these sites.

These sites do the task of creating a beautiful and attractive logo, while some sites will help you find icons, fonts or colors, you do not need to be an expert in design programs such as Photoshop or other design programs and in this article we will explain to you the 5 best free logo design sites.

5 Top Logo Design Websites

Designevo is the best at making logos

Designevo is the best site in creating professional and free logos, you can design a beautiful and professional logo easily, as you can see in the picture above.

I designed this logo in just 5 minutes and you can control everything from fonts to font shape and you can add icons such as YouTube Or Facebook, or you can add geometric shapes and you can also remove the background or change the background color to the color you want.

The site is really wonderful and very distinctive, but it is not 100% free, as you can design a logo and use all the features, but when you download the logo for free, the site obliges you to download it with less accuracy than if you pay a subscription of $ 24 for the paid subscription and for life.

Launchaco Logo Builder Logo Design Sites

Lunchaco is the simplest free logo design website, if you don’t have design skills and want to start some ideas, this is the website to try. First type your company name or your website name, after that a group of fonts will appear in each group of three fonts, you have to choose the font that suits you.

After that, select the colors, where the site explains the values associated with each color, for example, the green color expresses peace, and so on… Then wait for a few seconds and the site will show you a set of different logos. Letters, colors and icons will be mixed and matched as you see fit. Keep scrolling down, and the site will keep creating more banners. It’s almost endless.

You can download the complete package The package includes different icons and options along with your company name and monochrome options, so that you can make further modifications. 

Logo maker app

If you are more comfortable with mobile screen or don’t have a computer and want to create a logo, Logo Foundry app is your best choice. It has a huge repository of free icons and fonts, is easy to edit, and gives you downloadable logos without any watermarks.

Each shape or icon can be edited the way you want it, with options like opacity level, color gradients, reflection, etc. You can also edit the saved logos even after downloading them in PNG or JPEG format.

Freeminimallogos is one of the best logo design websites

Professionals charge for their services when you want them to design a logo for your business. But there are some designers who have made their logos and icons available for free online.

The site has a repository of 47 free logos that can be downloaded unlimited times, and used by anyone, for personal and commercial projects. You get the SVG vector file format which means you can make the logo bigger or bigger without quality loss.


Logomak is a guide to making logos. It doesn’t create a logo for you but it helps you choose fonts and colors, based on what you want.

First choose the industry you work in, choose the color and font, you will choose three main colors for your logo, you can even type in your company name to see a preview of what it will look like, you can download some logos that are automatically generated by Logomak.

Free Logo Design Using Microsoft Word

You might think that to create a good logo you need a professional program like Adobe Illustrator. But this is not true. If you have a clear idea of the logo you can use even a simple image editor like Paint, but you can really easily create a logo using Microsoft Word and it is surprisingly easy to work with shapes, text, colors and even individual letters.




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