WhatsApp Tricks – Here are 10 amazing and very useful WhatsApp tricks

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You may think that you know all the features and tricks of WhatsApp. but in fact this messaging app has many hidden secrets. WhatsApp contains many tricks and hidden tools that only the most savvy users will find. Continue reading below and you will learn about WhatsApp Tricks – 10 really cool WhatsApp Tricks.

1. Disabling the message reading indicator is one of the most famous WhatsApp tricks:

Without a doubt, this is one of the most famous WhatsApp tricks since WhatsApp debuted. Sometimes we don’t want people to know when we’ve seen their messages. To activate this option, simply go to the “Settings” menu and click on “Account” after “Privacy” and deactivate the “Message reading indicators” option. It’s just an easy but very useful step.

2. Get to know your best friends:

To see the list of your best friends on WhatsApp, click on “Settings”. Then on “Data and storage usage”, and finally click on “Storage usage”. From this list, you’ll see which groups you talk to the most and which contacts you talk to the most hours.

3. Know when to read your messages from the most famous WhatsApp tricks:

If you are an Android user, tap and hold on the message until it is selected. Then tap the three dots from the top and tap the “Info” option and you will see when the message was sent and when it was read. And if you’re on an iOS iPhone, swipe the message to the left and tap Info. This is indeed one of the most useful WhatsApp tricks.

4. Hide your profile picture:

If you want to be an anonymous contact on WhatsApp, you have two options. Either look for a profile picture of a masked Batman-style hero or simply hide your picture so no one can see it.

To keep your identity confidential, click on “Settings” then “Account” then “Privacy” and Profile Picture. From this menu, click on the “Nobody” option. Now no one will see your WhatsApp photo!

5. Mute a bunch of the most useful WhatsApp tricks:

Groups on WhatsApp can be really useful, but large groups are a hell of a lot of notifications you receive every minute, and it is important to know how to mute group notifications in WhatsApp. 

To mute notifications for a particular group, just click on it until it is selected. Then click on the three dots at the top and then “Group information” from there activate the option to mute notifications, you will have three options to mute notifications for eight hours, a week or a year. This trick is a very useful WhatsApp trick.

6. Create chat shortcuts: 

WhatsApp allows you to create shortcuts to your most active chats. To create a shortcut and directly access a chat, just tap on the contact’s chat until it is selected and then tap on the three dots at the top. From here, select the ”Add a chat shortcut” option and the chat with the person’s profile picture will appear on the home screen. Unfortunately this trick only works for Android smartphones.

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7. Use the invisibility mode:

If you don’t want your contacts to know if you’re online or not, activate the invisibility mode, this is very simple and it will get rid of the conversations you don’t want to answer.

To activate the invisibility mode, go to settings, then click on “the account”, enter the “privacy” menu and then click on “last seen” Change your status to “Nobody” so that no one can see when you were last online. 

8. Edit your photos:

We have all sent WhatsApp images on more than one occasion, but not many know that we can edit them before sending them to our contacts.

To edit the photos you send via WhatsApp, use the icons at the top of the screen. You can add a message, draw, or even paste stickers and emojis on it. You can also choose a filter for the image by dragging the arrow from the bottom to the top.

9. Reply to a specific message:

When you have received 30 messages from many different friends, it can be difficult to get all of them answered, fortunately, WhatsApp has a trick to help you!

If you are an Android user, just pull down the options menu from the top and tap on the message you want to reply to and tap on the Reply option. If you are an iPhone user, drag the message to the left and click Reply. It is one of the best WhatsApp tricks.

10. Find a specific message within a conversation:

It is possible that at some point you need to search for a specific message. But in the sea of messages, you have received since then, it can be hard to find. For those cases, it is really useful to use the WhatsApp search feature.

To find a specific message, use the search bar at the top of the chat. This trick will show you all the conversations where you have used the word or phrase you need.

You can also search within a single chat, if you are an iOS user, tap on the respective chat and then on the name at the top of the screen from there tap to search the chat.

If you are an Android user, tap on chat and then on the three bullets to get more options from there tap search.


We hope you learned some useful WhatsApp tricks from this list! This is how we ended our article on WhatsApp tricks – 10 amazing and very useful WhatsApp tricks. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave it to us in the comments box, and do not forget to follow us on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter to receive all new.


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