3 best sites to download subtitle movies for free 2020

3 best sites to download subtitle movies for free 2020, Subtitling movies is one of the most important things to understand the movie. many people are looking for subtitling films for many purposes. Learning English language by watching  subtitle foreign films is one of the powerful methods to learn English language.

subtitles elevate the viewing experience, the only problem is where can you get subtitling? In this article, We will mention 3 best sites to download movie subtitles for free with an explanation of the activation of subtitle.

 3 best sites to download movie subtitles for free 2020

There are many sites that provide subtitles movie. We recommend with 3 best sites to download movie subtitles for free with an explanation of the activation of subtitle 2020.

1. subscene


Subscene is the bestvmovie subtitle resource because it’s fast, comprehensive and it is always updated with subtitles for the latest movies. Indeed, there are Arabic subtitles for the latest movies.

My favorite aspect of this great website is the simplicity of its dashboard.

Subtitles are organized according to shows and movies, so all you have to do is type the name of the movie you want to subtitle for in the search bar and select the appropriate title from the results.

Almost all subtitles in this are in SRT format. You can choose to filter a search to limit results to specific languages ​​(up to three languages) and you can decide whether to include “hearing impaired” subtitles (for sound effects) or not.

You may also find in the forum a great feature where you can request subtitles for series and movies that do not exist in your language.

2. subtitleseeker


SubtitleSeeker is basically a subtitle search engine. It aggregates results from more than 20 different subtitle sites and sources, so that facilitate searching the sites data.
SubtitleSeeker site is the most comprehensive search tool. SubtitleSeeker has the simplists and clear dashboard which is arguably cleaner and easier to use than other sites.
The main page contains a search bar and a list of the most searched words, and lists of the most three popular subtitles (the first one is for movies, the second one is for shows and and the third one is for series.)
SubtitleSeeker also has pages for the newest movies, the last TV shows (series), popular movies and popular TV show. The most five popular languages ​​in SubtitleSeeker are English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and French, plus dozens of other languages ​​are supported with thousands of results.
I recommend this site for foreign and Arabic language needs, because most translation resources focus on these languages.

3. opensubtitles

opensubtitles is a site where most of people download subtitles for movies, although the lists are good and there are some convenient advanced features, there are some things about this site that are disappointing.

For beginners, the dashboard is blurry, cluttered, noisy, and difficult to navigate. Moreover the site brings you back with every download to subtitle a movie to Open Subtitles MKV Player. But there is a reason behind the popularity of Open Openttitles as it supports dozens of languages, and if you search the site you will see that there are subtitles that are not found anywhere else.

How to activate subtitles for movies

There are two methods to activate subtitle for movies. Most of the free media players automatically detect and load subtitle files as long as you load them correctly. What does “correctly” mean?

Well, all you have to do is copy the selected subtitle file and paste it into the movie folder, this method works with almost all video file formats like MP4.

You have to make sure that both the video and subtitle file are in the same location and the subtitle file has the same movie name sometimes.

After you’re done, play the video and the media player should automatically display subtitles.

How to choose subtitles manually without moving the subtitle file to the video folder

We will use VLC, the most popular media player app in the world.

How to manually choose the subtitles without even having the subtitles in the same video site:

  • Play the video file in VLC.

  • Under the Subtitles list, click on Add Subtitle File.

  • Navigate to the subtitle file, select it, and click Open.

Thus, the translation is working normally.

The fastest way to download subtitles


The three sites above are great, and we totally recommend them when you need subtitles for whatever you’re watching. However, if you prefer subtitles for all the movies, downloading them manually each time can become cumbersome.

Many free media players support the ability to search and download subtitles directly within the app, and some can find subtitles automatically based on the name of the video you’re watching.

  • BS.Player: Built-in support for downloading automatic subtitles, available in both Free and Pro versions.
  • Media Player Classic: Built-in support for downloading automatic subtitles by default, obtained from opensubtitles or open subtitles in Arabic.
  • PotPlayer: You can search for subtitles within the player and download subtitles of your choice. You can add your own translation sites if you wish.

This method also works when watching with video player apps on phone devices. Even if your favorite video player doesn’t support automatic subtitle downloads, it probably supports choosing a subtitle file that you can download from the sites mentioned above.

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