What you should do if your phone is stolen

What to do when your Android phone is stolen or lost? The only important answer is to enter the site or application “Find My Device” or “Find My Device from Google”, through which you can lock and disable your Android or turn on the phone’s sound even if it is in silent mode. Lock the phone and put a message on the screen For example, this phone is stolen, please call the following number or delete the phone data completely and obliterate the data so that no one can enter it after it was stolen or lost, and thus you will be able to block all ways in the face of the thief.

What to do when my Android phone is stolen?

  1. Go to the official Google website “Find My Device“.
  2. Sign in with the Gmail account you linked your phone to (the account you use to download apps).
  3. From the options that appear, do one of the following:

4. From the previous steps, choose the option that suits you based on your situation.

If the phone is lost, playing the sound will be enough, especially since the sound will work even if the phone is in silent mode, knowing that if the phone is locked, the sound will not work, so the condition of playing the sound is that the phone is open and connected to the Internet.

But if the phone is lost and does not have a password, it is better to use the second option to secure the device, and from it you will be able to lock the phone and put a message on its screen. Such “the phone is lost or stolen, Please call the following number” and we will explain how to write it in the following explanation, knowing that this option does not erase any of your data on the phone.

But if it was stolen and you are sure that it will not be returned to you, unfortunately, do the last option, which is to erase the device’s data, and we will explain the method completely through the following illustrated explanation.

All of the above steps can be done or prepared by downloading “Find My Device app”:

Find my device by google

View your phone, tablet or watch on the map. If their current location cannot be displayed, their last known location is displayed.

  • Use indoor maps to help you find your device at airports, malls, or other large buildings.
  • Navigate to your device using Google Maps by clicking on the device’s location and then the Maps icon.
  • Loudest volume output, even if your device is set to silent mode.
  • Erase or lock the device with a custom message and contact number displayed on the lock screen.
  • View network and battery status.
  • View device component details.
  • Greater details can also be found with Android finder apps that contain various important options to keep your phone and its data protected before anything gets exposed.

An illustrated explanation to clarify what to do when my Android phone is stolen?

Log in to Google website of the application or using “Find My Device” application described above and to enter the link from here Find My Device. Google page will open and you will be asked to log in. Unfortunately, if you forgot the password to the Gmail account that your phone is connected to, you will not be able to log in and will not be able to do anything. If you log in successfully, a page like this will open to you

Of course, a map will be opened if your device is located on the map and you see it online. Determine its location and reach the nearest point or center so that the phone can be retrieved and do not forget to press lock the device. Let’s go to the first step in case the phone is lost.

In the event that the phone is lost, i.e. you lost it in the vicinity of you, at home, in a building, on a bus, train, a nearby car or in any closed place and not far from where you are and you do not suspect anyone, you can press the play sound, which will also In the following picture, play a sound for 5 minutes without interruption and sound on your phone even if the phone is in silent mode.

If you lose the phone and you still have the hope that it will be opened or someone will find it and call you to hand over the phone, you can lock the Android phone remotely and put a message by clicking on lock the device and another page will open with you, write the details in the first space and in the second space type your phone and press lock device.

But in the case of the English language, you will press SECURE DEVICE, which is the most important step in what to do when my Android phone is stolen? Especially if you lose hope.

When you choose to secure the device, a message will appear on your phone if the thief has the following:

And this message will remain on the phone and he will not be able to do anything with your phone, so the answer is half complete? What do you do if you lose your phone? The next step is if there is no security in recovering your phone.

If you want to delete all of your phone data – and you are certain that your phone will not come back and you will not be able to recover the phone, and finding my device has become a dream, you will unfortunately delete all its data by pressing ERASE DEVICE and it will take you to the next page with confirmation to erase Device Data Tap on it and the data will be completely deleted. (All data, photos, contacts, videos, notes and applications will be deleted).

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What to do when my Android phone is stolen?

In the previous steps, we explained what you will do if your phone is lost or stolen, which are clear steps with pictures, but Google also has another way to find your Android device in case it is lost, starting from the Google search engine to enter your account details, and I will explain everything in detail.

Finding the location of the Android phone from the search engine

When your phone is lost or stolen, if you enter the Google website www.google.com and type this word find my device, the result will appear directly where your phone is if it is connected to the Internet, as in the following picture:

Access your account details from: Find your phone – Google Account.

You will notice when logging in (with the Google account linked to your phone) a group of phones that you use with the same account. If your lost or stolen phone is between them, click on it and log in again in case you are asked to do so to move to the next screen and we will explain it.

As we noted in the previous explanation, I clicked on my lost phone, after clicking on it, the next page will open.

Which contains a set of options I will explain the function of each one of them as follows:

  • Ring or locate your phone.
  • Lock your phone.
  • Try calling your phone.
  • Sign out on your phone.
  • Reach out to your carrier.
  • Consider erasing your device.

Ring or locate your phone: when you press it, it means either to see your phone on the map if it is available, or to make the phone ring for five minutes (and this step is used in case the phone is lost).

Lock your phone: It is used when you want to lock the phone, as it will ask you for your phone number and a password to put on the phone in case you lock it, as well as a message that appears on the screen.

Try calling your phone: This step is done through the Google Hangouts program, which is used for Internet communications such as Skype and others. If you choose this option and you have the option on your phone already, it will ring as if you called it.

Sign out on your phone: If you sold your phone or want to log out of it with your mail, use this option, which will log out of the phone. If you do this step, you will still be able to ring the phone and know its location on the map.

Reach out to your carrier: This step is like advice from them, in which they advise you to contact the company that gave you the card. If your country has such a feature, then through the IMEI you will be able to find its location on the map by communicating with the telecom company.

Consider erasing your device: Erase all phone data and when you click on it, it will appear like the following image, click on YES ERASE.

Frequently asked questions about Find My Device:

Can the mobile be found by serial number?

Yes, your phone can be found by the serial number, but this requires you to go to the telecom company that provided you with the SIM card, preferably accompanied by the IMEI number of your phone, because it will greatly help in finding your lost phone.

Can my device be found when it is locked?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. If the phone is locked, you will not be able to know its location, find it, play the sound, or anything except step No. 2 and 3 in the explanation, which is locking the phone and putting a message on it and also erasing the phone, when the thief opens the phone and connects it With the Internet, the phone will be locked directly and all its data will be deleted.

Where can I download Android Device Manager?

Google has changed the name of the application and service from “Device Manager” to “Find My Device”. This is for downloading. This can be done through the above explanation. You will find the link to the application directly from the Play Store. Download it.

How do you find a lost or stolen Android device?

The explanation above answers your questions. Follow any step in it that you like. 

What are the conditions for finding a lost Android device?

  • Your device is turned on.
  • Your device is signed in with a Google account.
  • And, your device is connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • be visible on Google Play.
  • To have the geolocation service turned on.
  • To have Find My Device enabled.

In this way, all your phone data will be deleted. I hope that I have answered you at length about what to do when my Android phone is stolen? With the illustrated explanation and in detail, if you have any addition, add it. If you have any question, ask me in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter account.

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