Top 10 free English language learning programs for Android and iPhone 2021

Are you looking for English language learning programs? You are in the right place, as learning a new language is one of the most beneficial things you can do. There are a lot of ways you can learn a specific language, from classroom (courses) to self-learning. But did you know that you can also use your smartphone to learn languages and especially learn English?

Whether you are starting from scratch in learning English or just want to improve your level, we offer you 10 free English language learning programs that you can install on your Android phone or iPhone, follow below.

Top 10 free English language learning programs 

1. Duolingo 

If you want to learn English from scratch, then this is the right application for you and it is one of the best English language learning programs. Duolingo uses interactive games to help you learn more than 23 languages, including English of course.

The app focuses on helping you learn verbs, phrases, and sentences. Although advanced users can also improve their language by completing writing, speaking and vocabulary lessons. You have to choose the language you want to learn and your native language to start the learning process. Then you can confirm if you want to learn languages from scratch or you just want to improve them only.

Depending on your choice, the program gives you a simple test that helps understand your level of language and Duolingo will provide learning materials accordingly. If you make a mistake the program will immediately use a different game to help you learn and correct it. If you still make a mistake you will use a different game to help you understand and so on.


Duolingo is free and displays ads in a decent and not annoying way, and it has a premium version that removes ads and enables you to learn the language without an internet connection. In general, you can learn languages completely for free. Frankly, this is the application that I liked a lot and I still use it, and it is wonderful in the way it teaches, and if you enter it to learn a language already, you want to keep learning and do not leave it.

2. Hello English

This is the right program for anyone who wants to improve their English. Hello English teaches you all aspects of the language including vocabulary, grammar, spelling, speaking and reading skills. But you should already be able to understand basic English structure and alphabets, the app can’t help you learn English from scratch.

When you run the program for the first time, you must select your mother tongue, and there are 22 supported languages and supports the Arabic language, and make sure to choose the correct language as the program will work in the mother tongue.

Then the program will test you with 20 questions that the program uses to assess your current level of English. According to the test results, the lessons that will provide you with the best results will be recommended. This is one of the best programs for learning English and learning languages in general.

Hello English uses interactive games to teach different English lessons, and you will earn coins to unlock more lessons. I can guarantee that even experts can find some good lessons to hone their English.

The program also offers new audiobooks, latest news and books to keep improving your English. Hello English is free and ad-supported, but there is also a premium version to remove ads and unlock private courses.

3. busuu

busuu progrm is quite similar to Memrise in that the courses are also created by native speakers in the community. You must start at an advanced level and courses will be provided accordingly. busuu also acts as a social media platform where people who speak different languages can chat and share their experiences.

4. Awabe

A completely free app that helps you learn more than 4000 common phrases and vocabulary. The application works offline (without internet), and there are plenty of lessons to improve your English. The app offers translations, audio and video lessons, and a range of language learning games. You will also get daily speaking, listening and memorization tests that ensure your skills remain fluent. Download: Android.

5. Memrise

Memrise offers a large variety of courses for many different languages, including English. These courses are actually created by other members of the Memrise community, making Memrise an educational platform. Most of the lessons are exclusive, and Memrise provides all the tools that allow regular users to create courses.

6. Learn English Daily

This application follows a simple way to teach English through listening and speaking. The application consists of thousands of words and phrases, and you can listen to these phrases to improve your pronunciation and memorization, and it also sends you notifications to remind you of sentences every day to maintain your English.

7. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp uses audiobooks to help you learn different languages, you just have to listen to the stories and novels in the language you want to learn and read the text in your native language side by side. Audiobook lovers will definitely love this app as they can listen to audiobooks that interest them and at the same time learn a new language. There are many free audiobooks to hone your English language skills, but some are paid for.

8. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is like Lingbe that connects you with native speakers to help improve your language skills, but it does add some extra features that might interest you. In addition to that, you can also send text and voice messages and even make video calls with other people.

9. English Speaking Practice

It is a practice tool that helps you improve your pronunciation and create the confidence to have an English conversation. The app contains hundreds of recorded conversations where you can listen to native speakers and then speak to learn. You can listen to yourself and a native speaker to compare and improve your pronunciation. Download: Android.

Google translation 

You can also download Google Translate English language learning or translation program for Android and iOS. It may not be an English language learning app but it gives you complete control over what you want to learn. Instead of following a firmware you can simply translate any sentence or word you want and learn it in English. It also comes with a lot of features that allow you to instantly translate between 103 languages.

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If you are a beginner in the English language we recommend you to start learning the language from Duolingo as it is really great then you can use Hello English to learn English fluently, in the end if you have any questions leave us in the comments and if you liked the topic share it with your friends and do not forget to follow us on Social media sites Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube channel to receive all new and thank you.

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