how to easily make a direct link to your WhatsApp number

If you are looking for a way to make direct link to your WhatsApp number. you can do that with several ways. Making a link to the phone number of the company: store or anything else in WhatsApp helps increase interaction and get more potential customers. it makes the customer feel more easily in Talk to you, where the customer can talk to you with just one click and without the need to save a specific number in the phone. Whithout any lateness. keep reading to learn all the methods. 

1. How to make a direct link to your WhatsApp number manually:

Now if you still looking for how to create a direct link to your phone number on WhatsApp, you can use these steps to  just follow the steps below: 

  1. Copy this link
  2. Replace 2348050872821 with your desired phone number or copy this link and replace “phonenumber” with your phone number and add the international code.
  3. how to easily  make a direct link to your WhatsApp numberNow you can copy/paste the link anywhere. For example on a website, social media, e-mail, or wherever you want.

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2. How to make a direct link to your WhatsApp number with a pre-written message: 

If you want to creat a link to a specific WhatsApp number with a pre-message or an automatic one. The message will be appeared and ready to be sent by a simple click on the link, and that makes it easier for the customer. Follow this steps below: 

  1. Copy the following link
  2. Type the phone number instead of the word “whatsappphonenumber”
  3. After doing the previous step, write the pre-prepared message that you want the client to send immediately upon clicking on the link instead of “urlencodedtext”. 
  4. For example, the result would be: am interested in this product how much is it
  5. So, that’s it write the letter and the number you want.

3. How to automatically make a direct link to your WhatsApp number with an automatic message: 

If you are looking for an easier way than the previous methods above, follow these steps, where you can easily create a link to a specific WhatsApp number with a pre-written message. so that the customer can send it immediately through this site. You can follow the steps below to do that:

  1. Go to this siteweb:
  2. Then click on “Create WhatsApp link” option.
  3. Now you will be taken to a specific section that contains several options and an example of the final form.
  4. All what you have to do is choose the country to that the phone number belongs and then write the phone number without an international code or anything else. 
  5. After that, type the automatic message in the second field that you want the customer to send as soon as he clicks on the link, for example: Hello, I am interested in this product, what is its price. And so on… 
  6. If you don’t need to add pre-message just leave it empty. 
  7. Now just click on the “Generate my” option.
  8. Now a link will be appeared to you that you can easily copy. It will also show you a QR code image that you can download and send to the customer to scan the code and enter the conversation with you. You have to know the link is much easier. 

4. Another way to make a direct link to your WhatsApp number easily: 

This is another way that can allow you make a WhatsApp link to your number and facilitate communication with you: 

  1. Copy this link:
  2. Delete and replace (1XXXXXXXXXX) with your phone number with the country code
  3. Now copy the link and share it anywhere you want, on a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else.

Other sites that offer the same service: 

There are many sites that help you to make a direct link to your WhatsApp number, but we decided to mention to you the most famous and easiest: 

  1. The site that we mentioned earlier is one of the most famous sites that gives you a link to a phone number, in addition to the possibility of writing a message automatically and obtaining a QR code, and all of these services are completely free.
  2. is another popular site where you can type your phone number and an automatic message to give you a link that you can share anywhere, and it is also a free site.
  3. that gives you a link to your WhatsApp number easily by just typing your phone number and for free.

Benefits of making a link to the WhatsApp number: 

  • The customer can communicate with you easily and without saving your phone number.
  • Encourage the customer to message you.
  • You can write a special message that the customer easily send it to you automatically.
  • By the link you can send to yourself a message, if you ever needed to send a message to yourself for any reason it will be easy through the link of your whatsapp phone number.
  • and more benefits and features you can enjoy. 

Dear friends, we almost mentioned to you all the available methods tomake a direct link to your WhatsApp number. If liked the article share it with your friend and you can follow us in our accounts in social medei to get news we post. Thnks for your time. 

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