How to make WhatsApp stickers for iPhone easily

We will learn in detail how to make WhatsApp stickers for iPhone. WhatsApp has become one of the most popular chatting and voice calling applications. In addition to video calls, its features went beyond the possibility of sending all kinds of files, whether media images, video, or audio clips.

In addition to all types of files, with complete protection against intrusion and intruders, the application is available on phones and devices operating on the Android or IOS system, such as iPhones.

The importance of making stickers for WhatsApp on the iPhone

Stickers are one of the most important things that attract users of the WhatsApp application, they add more fun and sometimes express the mood without the need to describe it. Although there are pre-existing stickers in the application, there is a large number of users who prefer to make their own stickers.

If you are an iPhone user, we will provide you with the complete method to make WhatsApp stickers for the iPhone.

This is in contrast to the Google Play Store, which contains a large number of applications for stickers. Among the most famous of them is the application, all you have to do is prepare the images and the rest is on the application, which also works on Android phones.

How to make WhatsApp stickers for iPhone has a professional tool that isolates the background easily without the need for other programs. Where you can easily make wonderful expressions only through the application.

The steps of making WhatsApp stickers for iPhone are:

  • Download the app from the Apple Store from the following link.
  • Upload the photos you want to turn into posters and if you want to take your own selfies, it is preferable that they be a neutral background.
  • After downloading the application, open it and press the + box next to the home option.
  • A new list appears, so we choose a name for the sticker next to the pack name. In addition to the name of the creator, and then finally we click on create in the top right.

A new list appears

  • Click on the add sticker tab.
  • The images on the phone appear, whether taken with the camera, or uploaded to the phone. We choose the image to be converted into a poster.
  • After selecting the image, the application editor options will appear. The first option is auto, and it isolates the background professionally if it is neutral.

But if the background is not neutral or needs manual adjustment to restore it, or delete parts of it, we choose the manual mode.

  • If the image needs another adjustment, another option appears, which is the adjust option, and by means of the finger we restore a deleted part of the image. Easily move the text.
  • When finished, click done at the top right to save what we’ve done.
  • After that, we click on save to save the final poster.
  • You need to make three stickers to complete the package, which is the minimum, and you can press add sticker to make another sticker.
  • After completing the first package, we go to the sticker pack page and click on Add To WhatsApp to add it to the WhatsApp application.
  • We then open the WhatsApp application, then we click on import stickers, and after finding the stickers, we click on save to save them for WhatsApp stickers so that they can be used in any conversation.
  • To make sure that there are new stickers, we open any conversation and click on the stickers icon on the right of the writing box.
  • We will find the new sticker installed in the stickers.

With these steps, we have made WhatsApp stickers for iPhone.



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