How to delete Facebook posts at once and easily

deleting facebook posts

If you have had a Facebook account for a long time or if you are used to posting a lot of posts on Facebook, you might be looking for a way to delete some or all unnecessary posts from your account. But deleting Facebook posts one by one is a time-consuming process.

Instead, here’s how to delete Facebook posts at once from your phone or computer. Where we will explain to you 3 ways to do this, one by phone and two by computer, and do not worry, all the ways are very easy and a very ordinary person can do them.

How to delete Facebook posts at once from the phone:

1- Log in to the Facebook app on your phone.

2- Log in to your profile, by clicking on the three lines on the side and then viewing the profile.

3- Scroll down a bit until you see the option to publish a post, at the top of this option you will see a settings option, click on it.


4- You will see all the posts you have published as thumbnails.

5- Select any post you want to delete, if you want to delete all posts, select them all (except for the cover photo and profile picture).

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6- After selecting all the posts you want to delete, an option will appear at the bottom of the screen to delete or hide the posts you selected, press “Delete Posts” and all posts will be deleted at once and easily.

How to delete Facebook posts at once from your computer:

You may want to apply the method on your computer and here are all the steps:

1- Open a web browser, head to (log in to your account if necessary) and click on your name in the upper left or right corner to go to your profile.

2- Click on the “Manage Posts” option directly under the option to create a new post.

3- You’ll see all of your posts in a grid-like format from newest to oldest. Filters are also located in the left column. With it, you can filter posts by anyone, you, or others. You can also specify which posts you were mentioned in and when they were posted.

4- Take advantage of the filter options to help you find the posts you want to delete. Filters are especially useful for quickly finding old posts without having to spend time scrolling down through the timeline.

5- Select the checkbox in the upper-right corner of any post you want to delete.

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6- After selecting all the posts you want to delete, click on the “Next” option at the bottom of the screen. Note: You can only choose up to 50 posts to delete at a time.

7- If you want to delete posts, tap Delete Posts > Done. And if you want to hide the posts that you have selected, click on Hide Posts > Done.

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8- Again, if you don’t want to permanently delete these posts, you can hide them instead so they don’t appear on your profile. All you have to do is click on Hide Posts and then Done.

The second way to delete Facebook posts at once from the computer:

If you want a different way to delete your Facebook posts from your computer then follow the steps. (Google Chrome browser only)

1- You have to download the Social Book Post Manager extension on the Google Chrome browser, this extension that enables you to delete Facebook posts at once, so you have to enter the extension link and then click on the install option.

2- After installing the extension, go to your Facebook account and go to your profile by clicking on your name in the upper left or right corner.

3- Now you have to access the “Activity History” of your Facebook account by clicking on the “Activity Log” option next to your cover photos, and then clicking on the “Posts” option in order for your posts to appear only and to start scanning Facebook posts in one go.

4- Then you must launch the extension by clicking on the extension icon next to the navigation bar.

5- After you click on the addition, you will make a selection for all posts, then click on the Delete option, then confirm the deletion process by pressing continue and wait until all your posts are deleted.

Can’t delete some posts?

You may notice that when you try to delete some posts, the option to delete is not active and you will only be able to select the option to hide. Therefore, you should not select cover change posts, profile picture, posts that you have not published, or posts with special privacy settings, for these posts you can delete them individually.

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