How to delete basic apps from Android easily

How to delete basic applications from Android is the problem that we always face when buying any new smartphone. As every phone comes with an Android version, it has many applications loaded with the same version, which takes up the phone’s memory space, and consumes battery life without the need for it.

Which makes you want to delete it to take advantage of the phone’s memory in other applications that need to be used, and to preserve your phone’s battery life for a longer time. In this article, we will get acquainted with some points, the most important of which are what are the ways that help us delete the basic applications loaded on the Android version. Follow how to delete basic apps from Android easily.

What are the applications?

Applications are platforms that perform certain services for the benefit of users by installing them on any type of mobile phone, or that come with the Android version of your phone in which you need a way to delete the basic applications. Some of them are free, such as social media applications, and some are paid (needs a monthly or annual subscription), such as some games.

It has many types and fields such as (applications in the field of montage, images, graphics and video – programming and languages – music, audio engineering and distribution – games – written and audio books – decoration and furniture – kitchen – children – women – services….etc) which we find on electronic stores such as Google Play And App Store.

Applications have entered almost every field in our lives, making it easier for users to communicate faster and saving money, time and effort.

What is android?

Android is the best-selling free operating system from Google, and is intended for any touch screen, whether tablets, iPads, iPods, or mobile phones.

The Android version also contains many applications that some think that there is no way to delete the main applications. Android also makes it easier to interact with devices through common gestures such as touch, tap. It is currently being developed to invade the field of electrical devices such as television and others, even if they do not have a touch screen.

What is the benefit of the basic applications of Android

  • Ensure the security and reliability of applications.
  • Its fast performance.
  • Fits your phone’s capabilities.
  • Recover data and files automatically without any effort like Google Drive.
  • A variety of areas that you may need in your daily life, such as music and others.
  • There are some applications that save time and effort such as voice typing and others.

What are the reasons for deleting essential apps from Android?

  • It takes up a lot of phone memory.
  • It consumes battery life.
  • It asks for permissions to access your private files.
  • It works automatically when Wi-Fi is available or mobile data is turned on.
  • There is a problem running it.

What is the way to delete the basic applications from Android?

We suffer from deleting the core mobile app because it is written in a specific programming language like Java for Android operating systems. There are two ways to delete the basic applications:

By rooting the device … so you can uninstall the application, and delete it permanently through specialized programs in this domain, such as Titanium Backup or System App Remover.
Without rooting the device, there are two ways:

The way to delete the basic applications by stopping their work only

This method disables the basic applications and does not delete them permanently so that you have the option to bring it back when needed later by the following steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Find apps and notifications. 
  • Click on the app you want to delete.
  • Click on Disable or Deactivate.

Permanently deleting the application requires a computer and a connection

  • Connect the phone to a computer and choose the MTP media transfer option from the phone.
  • Access the phone from the computer, search for the ADB file and click on it to access the command editor and click on CMD.
  • Type ADB devices and hit Enter when a code appears showing the correct connection. If it does not appear, reconnect the phone to the computer or replace the connection.
  • Type ADB shell.
  • When ‘<cmd pm list packages | . appears grep ‘<OEM/Carrier/App Name’ Replace the sentence Bold with the name of your device or its serial number.
  • Select the applications you want to delete from the list displayed in front of you.
  • Type <pm uninstall -k –user 0 <name of package and replace the sentence Bold with the name of the application, click Enter and wait.
  • When you remove the application, you will get a message that the task has been completed successfully.

What are the damages resulting from using the method of deleting basic applications?

Your phone may stop using or some problems associated with those applications occur with the device, so it is best not to uninstall many applications to keep the device performance and speed the same.

Also, dear user, avoid deleting system files or basic applications, even those you use, especially the processor, because the device does not stop permanently or suddenly. Which makes you install a new ROM and gets you into bigger problems to solve the phone problem, not the apps.


In this article, we are going to discuss many points that every user needs to know. We have also provided you with more than one method that enables you to permanently delete the applications or disable them until they are used on further notice.The choice of method remains for you now.


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