How do I enter the world of voiceover?

how do I opt-in for voiceover

The voiceover is known as a mixture between a hobby and a skill, and when you combine them with continued training and practice, you reach the stage of professionalism in it, and although it is better to have a distinct audio material, this point you can overcome through continuous training.

What are the work fields in voiceover?

What distinguishes working in the audio commentary is that you can work in many different fields. You can work in the field of documentary commentary, which means many different fields, or work in sports commentary, which requires you to have a passion for and love for sports, but if you are that For someone who is bored, and does not want to continue for a long time while working on the same project, you can work in the field of advertising commentary, which means always short advertisements, which revolve around different topics, ensuring that you will never get bored.

كيف أدخل عالم التعليق الصوتي

What skills do you need to start commenting?

Of course, sufficient knowledge of the rules of the English language is the prerequisite for entering this field, so you cannot make a phonetic comment. While the audio clips are full of grammatical errors. Also, having a desire is very necessary, as you will not be able to reach something if you do not have the desire for it.

There is no doubt that this channel will help you in learning the basics in this domain “Voiceover Masterclass”.

Also, you need to know how to use the voice tone in the correct way, so you know how to use your voice between confusion, enthusiasm, and an expression of neutrality – when recording a documentary, for example –

And of course, if your English is good and you are Arab, You will be able to enter the world of commentary in English. And whose income will be higher than the Arab comment.

What equipment do you need to get started?

At first. You will be able to record your voice through your mobile phone, with the use of some applications that help in clearing the voice. As for a while after starting work. And when you want to work more professionally, of course having a professional microphone will be necessary.

How can I start?

After rehearse well. You will be able to showcase your work on freelance platforms. and start providing services.

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