How to Download Snapchat Story for iPhone and Android 2020

downloading a snapchat story

The content of Snapchat has a temporary validity so that you can always take a screenshot of the pictures you like. Snapchat does not block this feature, but in return, it does not provide the ability to download a Snapchat story or save videos, so the easiest way to save a Snapchat story, regardless of whether it is photos or videos, is the recording of your screen. The method you use to record your screen may vary but this is basically what you need to do.

How to save or download Snapchat story for iPhone and Android

How you record your screen varies depending on what device you have. You may want to record on the go, using just your iPhone or Android phone without the need for a Mac or PC. Although using a computer helps open up more free registration options for you. Now here’s how to record the screen on iPhone and Android phones.

Screen Recording on iPhones:

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If you are interested in recording your iPhone screen to save a story without having to connect it to your Mac, you can use the native recording feature of iOS. Don’t worry about the red registration bar that appears at the top. When the story is running, it is played in full-screen mode and the red bar is permanently hidden.

Record iPhone Screen from Mac Computer:

Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open the QuickTime app. Go to a new movie recording file. In the recording interface that opens, click the drop-down menu next to the Record button and select iPhone. It will start showing the iPhone screen. Click the button to start recording iPhone.

Screen recording on Android devices:

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The Android system has a lot of applications that allow you to record your screen. If you own a device running Android Q, it is the first version of Android to include a native screen recorder in the system. You can use it to record your screen and save your Snapchat story.

If you don’t have Android Q, and you just want to record on your device, you can download an app as there are many like AZ Screen Recorder which you can download from here.

Record screen from Windows PC:

Except for Nexus devices, you can record your Android phone screen from your Windows 10 PC using Connect software. It looks like Cast is blocked on Nexus devices, but if you have anything other than that it’s very easy to record the screen from your desktop. Once the Connect app starts showing your Android phone screen, you can use any screen recording app, or any game to record it.


Snapchat can detect when a screenshot was taken, but it cannot detect when the app was recorded. Thus, you can apply the explanation hundreds of times, and download and save many stories easily!

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