The best and easiest ways to transfer files from iPhone to computer 2020

transferring files from Iphone to computers

Today we will discuss the latest and easiest ways to transfer files from iPhone to computer 2020 for iPhone users. Where the American company Apple and users of Apple phones and devices are proud of the fact that its operating system is one of the highest in terms of protection, security, and privacy.

It is difficult for someone who uses this system to change the phone or easily adapt to any other operating system such as Android. Despite this, users of Apple phones face the difficulty of transferring files from an iPhone to a computer or vice versa.

Despite the availability of Itunes, but it is very complicated to use, compared to other operating systems such as Android, through which files can be transferred to the computer easily and without auxiliary programs, only the phone needs to be connected to the computer via a USB cable.

The easiest way to transfer files from iPhone to computer 2020:

There are many programs that offer an integrated package of features, such as transferring files from iPhone to computer or vice versa. Prominent among these programs are:

1. AnyTrans for iOS

This wonderful program makes it easy to transfer and receive files from iPhone to iPhone phones, to computers, to iTunes, or iCloud. Produced and developed by imobie, it offers all possible features in one software.

It transfers files very quickly, with support for a large number of IOS phones. With the support of a large number of files, whether images, audio clips, music, movies, applications, or video clips. It is just one click and very quickly and the program is very clean, safe, and reliable.

Steps to Transfer Files from iPhone to Computer via AnyTrans:

1- Download the program to your computer from here.

2- Install and run the program, then connect your iPhone via USB cable.

3- From the main page of the program, click on the “Content to PC” button.

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4- Select the files you want to transfer to your computer, you can transfer photos, videos, music, contacts, podcasts, notes, and more.

5- From the path selection bar at the bottom, select the path in which you want to save the files, then click the Next button.

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6- After that, you will find that all the files are located in the path you chose and are organized in folders like what they are on the iPhone.

2. MobiMover

It is among the best programs for transferring files from iPhone to computer, as it is produced by the giant Easeus, the company specialized in media handling programs, formatting hard disks, and recovering deleted files. This program allows transferring files in more than one format and extension from or to the iPhone device to the computer, but it is required to install Itunes on the computer and connect the phone to the computer via the USB connection.

It allows transferring files, photos, and even contacts to a computer, and even transfer entire folders. It also allows the ability to transfer files from one iPhone to another iPhone, but here the second iPhone must be connected to the computer via a USB connection.

Steps to transfer files via MobiMover:

1- Download the program to your computer from here.

2- Click on the Transfer Data option, then select the Phone to PC Transfer option or PC to Phone Transfer option. Select the option that suits you.

3- Select the files you want to transfer, and you can select multiple files including photos, video, audio, and contacts.

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4- Confirm all the data you have selected and then press the Transfer button and the transfer process will begin.

3. Simple Transfer

One of the special programs that can transfer a large number of files from iPhone to PC or vice versa. It works with slightly different technology, as it allows transferring files via a wireless connection “Wi-Fi”. It also supports computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, where you can browse all the files on the iPhone and transfer them to the computer quite easily.

4. Syncios Manager

Among the best programs to transfer files from iPhone to computer, it is a professional program that makes controlling the iPhone easy to the extreme. The program can easily see the contents of the phone and take full control of it, and even send files to the Android phone from the iPhone, and the ability to back up the files and save them on the computer.

5. TouchCopy is one of the easiest ways to transfer files from iPhone to computer

It is another unique and easy-to-use program that allows the user to transfer many files, whether photos, videos, or other files, from the iPhone to the computer very quickly, for free and without any fees. With the support of a large number of different languages, the program allows not only to transfer files but also to save text messages or conversations.

Also, print conversations and save them to your computer, and make backup copies to return to them in case they were deleted by mistake. The program supports all versions of Windows, whether XP or Vista and ending with Windows 10.


This is how we have provided you with the 5 best programs to transfer files from iPhone to the computer with an explanation of the steps.

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