What is technology?


  1. Concept of Technology.
  2. Components of Technology .
  3. Inputs.
  4. Processes.
  5. Outputs.
  6. Advantages of Technology.
  7. Disadvantages of technology.

Concept Of Technology 

Technology is one of the contemporary terms, which we hear a lot, especially at the present time, and its concept has become popular with anyone whatever his age is.  We can define technology as:

  • Person’s effort and reflection on information, experience and skills. In addition, it means the human and non-human element that can be available in a specific field and can be applied in exploring technological means and methods to solve the problems faced by man, satisfy his needs, and increase his ability to solve matters.
  • They are also defined based on their properties; It is: an independent science with its origins, goals and theories. In addition, it is an applied science that aims to apply knowledge. Technology also contains several positives, and aims to solve many problems, as it is a self-developing element for what it needs to review, improve and modify.
  • Technology is one of the contemporary concepts that occupies much of the world, and has entered into many industries and the educational revolution. In the Greek language, it means the skill of learning; It is derived from two words: Techno, which means skill, and the word Logos, which means science or study.
  • We can define it in more detail and say that it is the use of advanced electronic tools and devices for educational or recreational purposes, and people use them to save time and effort to complete their work and meet their needs.
  • Technology is also defined not just as having tools and devices; Rather, they are ideas that are found to solve problems.
  • Technology is considered an independent applied science with its origins and theories, and it seeks to provide knowledge to people. Technology is a process that is constantly evolving, modifying, and improving.

What is Technology contains?


Inputs contain all the elements and components necessary for product development, such as: people, theories and research, goals, machines, materials and raw materials, funds, administrative organizations, work methods, and facilities.


It is a method of processing and modifying inputs and converting them into a product.


It is the final information, and it is in the form of a ready-to-use system and work on it.

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Advantages of Technology 

Technology contains several advantages, including: increasing the acquaintance with new people from other cultures and countries and facilitating communication between them, and people know all the news that is going on around them, and technology has facilitated a lot of business for women, and has affected education, industry and trade positively.

Disadvantages of Technology

Technology has negatively affected many people; It has caused a condition in individuals called “technology addiction”; So that many people accompany the Internet or PlayStation games and others for long periods, in addition to individuals using the Internet, especially in a negative and harmful way to themselves and those around them.


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