What is the Coursera platform

For practical and professional purposes nowadays, we all need to attend many courses. to learn many skills and obtain experiences. Whether it is accompanied by a certificate or not. That’s the reason why The Coursera platform was created Which aims to collect a lot of information and experiences in one place and enables us to obtain the information and skills we need to build a professional resume, all from a distance, and the importance of distance learning has emerged, in the recent period, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic around the world.

The Coursera educational platform was established in 2012, and the number of its followers and users has exceeded the limit of five million students around the world. Most of the courses available on the Coursera platform are available in English, noting that the videos can be translated into any language around the world.

The platform includes more than 3800 training courses, intended for students and academics in various fields, and one of the advantages of the courses you will get here is that you can attend them at any time, as they are previously registered, and you do not need to commit to a specific time, for the beginning and end of the course, and also, you will not need More than a good internet connection, a computer or laptop, in addition to a proxy in some countries.

You can follow courses in any field you want, health, meditation, programming, engineering, and many more diverse fields.

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How do I register on Coursera?

Registering on the site is also an easy process. You must have an email. And then you have to click on create an account. Enter your details, then go to verify the account. You will have received an email to confirm your subscription to the site, and then confirm your account, start browsing the courses, and choose the course you like.

How can I get the certificate from Coursera?

So you get a certificate for taking the course. You must pass all the tests. Then you can get the certificate for a sum of money, approximately $50. But it varies from one training course to another. If you want to take the training course. And to get your degree also, without paying money, you can apply for a grant from the Syrian Youth Gathering – Coursera Platform Scholarship, which will help you in this task.


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