Best series of NETFLIX 2021- 8 awesome and so cool

NETFLIX means a lot for us, from the best movies to the wonderful series. The company puts a lot of efforts to stay number one in the entire world. Through presenting various content from films and suitable to the viewer. American, britain, spanish and turkish movies and more. Also, Various ideas such as suspense, mystery, action, drama, comedy, science fiction, etc.. 

If you subscribe in NETFLIX you’ll see a big content of series you can watch. You’ll realise that finding a good sery or movie is not easy. We’ll make it easier for you and mentiond to you the Best series of NETFLIX 2021. 

Best series on netflix

La Casa de Papel (2020) : 

La casa de papel

One of the best series of NETFLIX, It is a Spanish type of drama and theft. The series is very famous in the world, known as the Professor and the Bella Chow song which certainly you heard about it.

The series is featured by the diversity of characters, their way of life, and their goals. Firstly, The series was shown on Spanish TV channels only. Then Netflix bought it and participated in the production of the third part of it, which was shown last July.

The story of the series is about a mysterious man with a weird shape and special power. he collects 8 people from professional criminals who have nothing to lose to carry out a very big theft. Every one of them chose a name of a goble city to hide their identities. (Berlin, Tokyo, Denver, Rio, Nairobi, Moscow, Helsinki, and Oslo). The real cause of the series’s success is the good marketing plan of NETFLIX and all its financial and creative efforts.

Viewers’ ratings for the series

On  Google users  IMDb Rotten Tomatoes HiTech
Reviews 96% Liked it 8.4/10 91% 9/10

 Mindhunter (2019): 


Mindhunter is a series of crime and action. Everything was in the late seventies and early eighties, two agents of FBI expand their missions in criminology by delving into the psychological and psychological side of the criminels and studying the incentives and motives that drive them to commit crimes.

But the most interesting thing about this series is that it is based on a completely true story, and the it consists of two seasons, equivalent to 20 episodes.

Viewers’ ratings for the series

On Goggle users  IMDb Rotten Tomatoes HiTech 
Reviews 95% Liked it  8.6/10



Ertugrul resurrection on netflix: 

The Ertugrul Resurrection series is one of the best series on Netflix, and it is a Turkish that has achieved very wide success in the world, especially in the Arab world. The series extends to 5 seasons, starting in 2014 until the last season of 2019 in May. Of course, the series talks about the invader, Ertugrul bin Suleiman Shah, and the precursors to the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

The role of Ertuğrul was represented by the Turkish actor Engin Altan. The series has 150 episodes and is divided into 5 seasons. For those who do not know Ertuğrul, conquests contributed to planting the seed of the Ottoman Empire that ruled the world for many centuries. I advise you to watch this wonderful series full of battles and confrontations. You will enjoy. 

Viewers’ ratings for the series

On Google users IMDb Rotten Tomatoes  HiTech
Reviews  95% Liked it 9.1/10



Daredevil (2018):

Daredevil is without a doubt one of the best superhero series of all time. Set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story revolves around Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day who uses his supernatural senses to fight crime at night on the streets of New York City.

In fact, there are many and deep events that take place in this series, and it consists of 3 seasons (39 episodes), the last season that was shown in 2018.

Viewers’ ratings for the series

On Google users IMDb Rotten Tomatoes HiTech
Reviews  94% Liked it  8.6/10



Peaky Blinders(2019): 

Peaky blinders

One of the famous series is Peaky Blinder. Historical and criminal series are very known in the world and the Arabic world. It stars Killian Murphy as a gangster who runs his business in the British city of Birmingham, in the post-World War I period.
Killian Murphy, the gang leader, and Sam Neill as the detective responsible for suppressing the gang.
Note: The series is based on the real Peaky Blinders family. Season 5 premiered in late 2019 with Season 6 coming. Stephen Knight stated that they are working on a sixth and seventh season as well.

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Viewers’ ratings for the series

On Google users  IMDb Rotten Tomatoes  HiTech
Reviews 96% Liked Peaky Blinders 8.8/10 92% 9.1/10

 dark (2019 – 2020): 

Dark is a series of horror, fantasy, excitement, and very famous in the world. Consisting of three seasons, the last of them presented on June 27, 2020. The story takes place in a fictional German city, where the story is talking about the effects of a child’s disappearance. It reveals a lot of secrets are also discovering an evil conspiracy to travel through time. 

The series received great admiration from viewers, Take a look at the reviews: 

On Google users IMDb Rotten Tomatoes HiTech
Reviews  96% Liked Dark 8.8/10 89% 8.6/10

Dogs of Berlin (2018): 

Crime and action series. Without a doubt, it is an awesome series of NETFLIX. The story is about the Turkish-German football player Orkan Erdem, on the eve of the Germany-Turkey World Cup qualifier match, who is killed when the policeman “Grimmer” sees a crime scene and is shocked when he discovers the victim.

Police Detective Kurt Grimer and his partner Errol Brikan are in charge of the investigation. At first, they think it’s an ordinary and easy murder, but the deeper they go, the more new areas and characters are revealed to them. Many want Orkan dead, so who exactly killed him?

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Viewers’ ratings for the series

On  Google users  IMDb Rotten Tomatoes HiTech
Reviews 93% Liked it   7.5/10 ……… 8.8/10



Ozark is an American drama, crime, thriller series consisted of 3 seasons, the last season was shown in 2019. the story revolves around drug trafficking, money laundering. the hero of the series, Marty Bird used to work as an accountant and financial advisor, but suddenly life turns upside down after a fatal error occurs in the process of money laundering.

Then he moves his family to a resort in the Ozark Hills, Missouri, gets involved with gangs of drug dealers and DEA. Then things get so complicated that Marty finds himself in a spiral of endless trouble. The series is very wonderful and its events are very interesting and there is attention to the smallest details.
the series gained very great fame and entered the list of the most-watched series.

On  Google users  IMDb  Rotten Tomatoes HiTech
Reviews  93% Liked Ozark 8.4/10 81%


This is our list for the best series of NETFLIX. We hope you enjoy watching and liked the list. Support us by sharing the list with your family and friend or on social media. For more you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel. Thanks for reading! 

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