Tips and steps to create a successful blog

Create a Successful Blog: A blog is a medium used to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, news, and updates, via web pages. “Blog” contains complete/detailed information on a particular topic which should be updated regularly. Blogging is the best way to stay connected with all around the world. In this article, we will explain all the steps for how to create a blog.

How to create a successful blog Steps and tips Blogger and WordPress

The steps:

  • Step 1: Why do yoy want to create a blog?
  • Step 2: What is your Blog Post?
  • Step 3: Select a blogging platform.
  • Step 4: Choose the domain name.
  • Step 5: Choose Hosting.
  • Start blogging.

Following these steps, you will have knowledge of how to create a successful blog.

Step 1: Find the reason and purpose of creating a blog

When you know your goal everything will be easy for you, what blog do you plan to create.

There are some people who started blogging as a pleasure, so before you get started, you should know the reason for the blog you want to create.

The purpose of blogging varies from person to another. Why blogging:

  • Do you like writing
  • Update yourself knowledge.
  • To share experiences, knowledge and  express yourself.
  • To communicate with people.
  • Fun or hobby.
  • To be more creative and active.
  • To be an expert in your field.
  • to gain money.

Step 2: Choose a blog topic

Purpose and subject matter are different from each other. Blog categories are different like photo blog, travel blog, tech blog, political blog, so it is necessary to target a specific topic. You can select your blog topic depending on your knowledge.

Step 3: Choose the right blogging platform to create a blog

The player needs a land to play, and the driver needs a path to walk; Blogger needs a blogging platform to blog; Without it, he cannot reach the public.

Choosing the right blogging platform for your blog is key. There are some blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.

Blogger & WordPress are among the most popular blogging platforms. But the choice of blogging platform depends entirely on the type of blogger. WordPress is best for business and corporate sectors. Blogger is free, and you only have to pay for the domain name. On the other hand, WordPress is a bit expensive because it needs web hosting. So you have to pay for both domain and hosting.

1. Create a blog on blogger

It does not require any skills because it is very easy to implement and customize everything so that you can make fine adjustments easily. It’s almost a free platform, the only thing you’ll pay (about $10) is to buy a domain.

  1. Also, you don’t have to pay web hosting fees like WordPress as Google provides it for free.

2. Create a blog on wordpress

WordPressو The wonderful platform, is completely incomparable with Blogger in all aspects, plugins, templates, design, control everything you control, and as you can see, our blog works on WordPress. But you must be a professional or know what the plugins and settings do, because just making a mistake the site may stop.

On the other hand, you must buy a hosting and template for the blog. The WordPress platform provides you with some free templates, but most of them do not support the Arabic language, and also in terms of protection, you should be careful From this topic, you bear the responsibility for everything that is not like Blogger, that Google provides you with protection.

Step 4: Choosing the perfect domain name

A domain is not just a title for your blog; It’s all online so that the public can easily find you. It’s like your home on the Internet or your office on the Internet. As you know, the address (domain) of my blog is and you will realize that when you delve deeper into this topic in terms of domain authority, backlinks, etc…

You can buy a domain for around $10 per year from web hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGatore, etc…

You should keep in mind that:

  • It should be easy to read and pronounce.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Unique.

Keep in mind that the address should have an end like “.com”, “. net” and “.org”, and stay away from titles like “.rocks” and “.biz”. The optimal name “.com” is the best.

Step 5: Web Hosting, Choosing the Right Host for Your Website

Web hosting is your blog’s home where all your blogging data/content such as images, articles, blog post etc. are stored just like a computer hard drive works.

It is a company that always runs your website so that anyone can see it at any time. For those who want to use Blogger, they do not need to buy hosting as Google provides free hosting for blogger.

There are a lot of web hosting companies online, which provide 24/7 service, but in my opinion, it is better to buy from BlueHost or Namecheap. 

It provides:

  • Excellent 24/7 customer support with live chat help to solve problems.
  • There is no limit to storage space.
  • The control panel is easy to use and rich in features.

In the end, you can choose any company that fit for you.

Step 6: Start Blogging

Once you have completed all the steps of creating a blog, you are ready to start your own blog.

But if you do not know how to register in Blogger.

Then register easily by entering your email and password, choosing the name of your blog, choosing an appropriate template, and starting blogging.

As for WordPress numbers, search for courses on YouTube that will benefit you a lot because I cannot explain all the details by writing. There are many details that you must do carefully.

Keep in mind that you need patience, as you need some time to make yourself a professional blogger.

This is How to create a successful blog Steps and tips.


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