How to earn money from Google search engine

Recently, the idea of profit from the Internet has spread a lot, and some may resort to free work online to earn money, while some are looking for how to earn money from Google search engine, as it is a better way for those who do not prefer to work online and make more effort, as the profit From Google search engine is the easiest way.

Profit from Google search engine via Google Play

Of course, we use the Google search engine daily, and we can never do without it, whether we use it for work, study, entertainment, or to make profits as well,

and I have certainly heard about Google Play, which we use a lot until we download many applications, and you can also profit through it, as you can turn an idea in your head into an application, which may be related to health, programming, decoration, human development, and many more.

When you develop this application idea, you have to upload it to the Google play store, and then start profiting Whenever a person downloads the application, or through the ads that visitors click on, and for that, you must have the Google Adsense service, which is a service for applications and profit through it.

Profit from blog ads

Many people seek to create blogs, with the aim of exchanging experiences with people, collecting various information, as well as considering it as a platform for communication between people, but what some people do not know is that these blogs match how to earn from the Google search engine and make a lot of profits,

and what you should know here exactly that Blogs are of two types, one is free, which is known as Blogger blogs, and the other type is paid hosting, and this type is known as WordPress blogs.

There are many people who search on the Internet and read articles, as the owner of the blog, will be the link between these two links, as people who read articles will see the ads that are automatically found in the articles, and therefore this product for which the ad was created has arrived the largest number of people, the owner of the product has achieved their goal and you get the profit for it.

How to earn from YouTube videos

A lot of people have started creating videos on YouTube recently. And they can make profits through it. These video creators are called YouTubers. And you have to be aware that good content will attract you the largest number of followers. So you get the most profits.

This means that the task is not limited to creating and broadcasting videos only. Rather, you should care more about the content you create. And remember, the more you care about the content you provide to people. Then you will be more able to profit from the Google search engine.

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