How to Change the Instagram username easily


How to change the Instagram username easily? Most social media sites allow you to change the username of your accounts. There are many reasons why the name you chose for your Instagram account may not be beautiful or completely logical at the time. However, as the world changes, we will explain to you, dear readers, how to change your account username on Instagram, whether for iPhone or Android devices. 

What will happen after changing the Instagram username?

Will changing your Instagram username affect your account?

Definitely not. The only thing that change is your name. All your followers and following remain the same. The only thing is that you will appear on the home page with your new name. Your photos stay the same.

If you want people to know you, it’s a good idea not to change your profile picture even for a while, or you can mention your previous username on your bio so, people will know that you’re interested in changing.

How to change your Instagram username

  • log in your instagram app
  • Click on the icon in the lower right corner
  • There is a profile edit button click on it
  • Click on your username
  • write your new name
  • Click Done or the icon in the upper-right corner

It is very easy to change your instagram username. log in the app (either on iOS or Android) and tap on the icon in the lower right corner that looks like a character.

You’ll be taken to your account page that displays all of your posts as well as your followers’ details. At the top of the page there is the Edit Profile button, click on it as shown in the image below.


You will see all your profile information and details. To change your username, click on your username and write the new name. when you’re satisfied with the new name, tap Done or the icon in the top right corner. This way applies to Android and iPhone.

That’s all about how to change the Instagram username easily. We also recommend you to change your password to keep your Instagram account safe.

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