How to profit from Google Maps

In the previous article, we talked about how to profit from the Google search engine. We mentioned some possible ways to do this, and in this article we will talk about how to profit from Google Maps.

Many people are unaware of the possibility of making money from Google Maps. So, in this article, we will learn how to profit from Google Maps. And how can you make profits from it. You won’t just make use of maps for directions and routes. You can even go beyond that, share your knowledge about maps, and make money too.

The first step is to have a Gmail account. And then you can start providing accurate information, answering questions, and also do not forget that you can add contact numbers, in the case of service places, such as restaurants, hotels, etc., and do not forget also to put the map in its correct tab, such as specifying its type if it belongs to a hotel, or Hospital, etc.

More about how to profit from Google Maps

If you wanted to know how to profit from Google Maps, and you read the previous paragraph, you will now have to do the following:

You must search for the services in your residence (pharmacy, doctor’s office, hotel…) and check if they are on Google Maps or not. If it does not exist, you can suggest to the owners of these facilities that you will add them to Google Maps, and when you add them, and link them to the phone number and other information, the owners of this service will receive calls from customers, and thus their profits will increase.

How does this contribute to profit?

Now you may be wondering, how will they receive calls from customers? And the answer will be as follows:

If customers search through Google Maps, for example, for a women’s clothing store, they will get the centers in their vicinity, and of course if they are attached to phone numbers, they will be able to contact them, without That they need to move from their homes or search themselves, so this is one of the very important services, and if you want to add a map on Google, you have to:

  • Enter the Google Maps application.
  • Then, log in to your Google account.
  • Find your place, then select your location.
  • Click onthe three side lines, then choose Add a place not listed on the map, then start entering the correct information about that place.

Also, when you evaluate a site, you profit from Google Maps, as customers who want to experience this place are of course looking for reviews and opinions of others, so writing comments and talking about your own experience about this place is a very important point, and do not forget to answer Questions are one of the ways to profit from Google Maps, as well as leaving comments that exceed 200 words on the maps, will contribute to increasing your profits, and do not forget that you can correct the wrong information as well.




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