How to hide apps on iPhone

How to hide apps on iphone, the way to hide apps on the iPhone is not a difficult problem to solve at the present time. Every new technical appears to solve the problems that users face. We always need to maintain our privacy safe from those frivolous people who always bother us by intruding on us. As well as their seizure at our smart phones, and intrusion from them without any respect.

Therefore, in this article, we will be interested in several points, the most important of which is how to hide those apps such as WhatsApp, photos, Messenger and other apps from the main phone screen. And also how to use it or search for it when you need it to lose the hope of hackers about you forever.


What is the iPhone operating system?

Before knowing how to hide apps on the iPhone, we will know about the iPhone operating system:

Iphone operating system, IOS, is designed by Apple, and it is one of the Mac systems. It provides high efficiency of the device in operations, as it is the primary operating system for iPad and iPod tablets. It is also responsible for the user’s transactions with the device, such as clicking, pressing, adjusting, and others, in addition to its flexibility with the Apple Store.


What are the programs that hide apps on iphone ?

Programs are a number of commands directed from the computer or the phone to do a specific thing, such as checking the phone and removing viruses, recording a specific audio or video, or sending a message. As well as to carry out an arithmetic operation, and other operations that users need in their daily life, as they are divided into simple or complex programs.

Also, these programs are designed in a programmatic way that the device can only absorb. It can easily implement the command by translating the user’s command into a programming language such as Visual Basic in Microsoft Office. In this article, we will explain how to hide special programs from your iPhone, such as social media apps, and other private programs or apps.


Ways to hide apps on iPhone easily

There are several ways to hide your programs :

The first way to hide apps on iphone

  • Click on Setting and choose Screen Time.
  • Click Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Choose the apps you want to hide and turn them off.

The second way to hide apps on iphone

  • Click on the app that youn want to hide.
  •  A unified button will appear for all applications, choose the wanted applications and drag it to the screen.
  • Restart your device.

every time you need to long press on the app to open it.

The third way to hide apps on iphone

  • Select the application you want to hide.
  • Drag it to the tape.
  • Press the phone button once. Also press the phone button again while pressing the application.
  • To complete hiding programs, press the phone button twice and then return to the screen.

The fourth way to hide apps on iphone

  • Go to Settings and select Siri @ Search.
  • Choose your app, then disable its Siri @ Search option.

The fifth way to hide apps on iphone

  • Go to Settings and select public.
  • Turn on Restrictions and activate its icon.
  • Disable the application key operation.

The sixth way to hide apps on iphone

  • Go to Settings and select public.
  • Turn on Restrictions and activate its icon.
  • Choose Allowed Content, then Apps.
  • Select the apps to hide.

The seventh way to hide apps on iphone

  • Long-click on the app to the other side.
  • Drag it to another folder page.

What are types of programs that hide apps on iphone?

There are various types to hide programs on the iPhon. As there are methods that suit specific types of programs. So, we will list types of programs according to their uses.

  • Antivirus programs

which scan the device, remove viruses from it, secure it and protect it from any virus, and notify the user when an attempt is made to penetrate his phone, whether by transferring data, websites or Bluetooth, including Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Free Antivirus 360.

  • Office programs

which  users need to send and receive papers and administrative transactions and important data that may also be confidential, including Microsoft Office programs.

  • Browser programs

There is a way to hide programs for browsers whose search engines we use to obtain unknown information, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

  • Graphic design programs

They are the most prevalent programs nowadays because they serve the labor market in all fields and digital electronic transformation globally through various designs of Photoshop, graphic, illustrator and others, including Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

  • Networking software

There is a monitoring device to follow the activity of devices connected to each other in a network system such as Microsoft Network Monitor, Nmap.

  • Audio editing programs

Voice over and owners of bands and musicians use audio edititng programs to improve sound quality, add effects, and remove noise, including Windows and MacOS.

  • Accounting programs

which are concerned with major accounting transactions and financial data for companies and institutions, including Accurate and Equip.

  • Reading programs

These peograms are able to find a way to hide programs, which is represented in the PDF program to enable you to read the file in the same format.

There are other types of programs that are not mentioned, such as sports programs, social media programs, medical programs …etc.

Features of the programs that hide apps on iPhone

  • They save time and effort.
  • They facilitate daily transactions and communication between people and society.
  • These programs unspecified for a place or time, but they subject to a click.
  • business owners and entrepreneurs use these programs at work.
  • These programs help people develop their skills and self-development.
  • Maintaining device privacy and security.

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