How to transfer all the data of your old phone to the new phone easily

Do you want to transfer all your data from your old phone to the new one? Buying a new phone is great for everyone, but transferring all your data from your old phone to the new one is probably a hurdle.

Don’t worry, here’s how to transfer almost all of your data to your new phone the right way, that includes all your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, media files, passwords, apps, app data, almost everything.

How to transfer all the data of your old phone to the new phone 

Manufacturer (companies) data transfer applications

This is limited to specific phones and manufacturers, Top manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG including iPhone etc, offer a dedicated app to transfer your data from your current phone to your new phone, usually these apps can transfer messages, contacts, media files, calendar, device settings and more.

You just need to connect the phones via Wi-Fi or with a USB cable. Here are some apps by popular Android device manufacturers that you can download by clicking on them:

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

LG Mobile Switch (Sender)

HTC Transfer Tool

Phone Clone (Huawei)

Xperia ™ Transfer Mobile (Sony)

If an app is not supported by your phone manufacturer, you can also search online and you may find an official app from the manufacturer.

Transfer all your old phone data to the new phone. (Settings and App Data)

Android phones have a backup option to back up your settings, Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks, and app data to Google servers. Here’s how to enable it:

  • Open phone settings and go to Backup & reset.
  • Here turn on “Backup my data” option, then select the Google account from the backup account option.

Now the data will be synced with Google servers and linked to your Google account. All you have to do is log into your Google account in the new phone and you will be asked to restore the data when you log in from your new phone using the Google account.

Transfer photos and videos

Personally, I like the manual way of transferring photos and videos to my computer (using a USB cable) and then transferring them to the new phone. However if you prefer an online solution then Google Photos can also be a good option. Google Photos provides unlimited space for photos and videos.

All you have to do is download the Google Photos app on Android or iPhone and let it sync all your photos and videos to the cloud. Google Photos backs up only the Camera folder (this setting is default) but you can also copy all other folders for your photos and videos:

  • Click on the main Google Photos menu in the upper-right corner and select Device folders.
  • Now select the folders you want to sync (back up).

After you have taken a backup, you can install the Google Photos app on your new phone and download all your photos and videos to your new phone.

Transfer audio files

Transfer all the data of your old phone to the new phone. The manual way is to transfer the audio to the computer and then transfer it to the new phone. However if you want to transfer it online, you can transfer it via Google Play Music which allows you to upload up to 50,000 audio tracks.

All audios uploaded to Google Play Music will be available on the new device once you install Google Play Music on the new phone. You can also download the audios for offline listening.

Send Anywhere is also a good option for transferring files to your new phone. Wi-Fi is used directly to share any type of file between two phones. You can transfer audio files, documents, and even photos and videos.

Transfer contacts and messages

Although there are several ways to transfer contacts and messages to your new phone, I am just going to share a simple app that gets the job done easily. Phone Copier is a small application that allows you to share your phone’s contacts and SMS messages with another phone via Bluetooth.

  • You need to download “Phone Copier” app on both phones and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Click the Bluetooth icon and select Import on your new phone.
  • It will search for a nearby device and you can choose the intended phone to start the transfer process.

Once the transfer is complete, the app will automatically put your contacts and messages in their place.

transfer Browser data

Most of the popular browsers have cloud storage accounts to sync all browser data. For example Chrome browser syncs all data with your Google account and Firefox and Opera offer accounts to sync data.

Transfer all data without internet

To transfer your complete data from your old phone to your new phone via WiFi using CLONEit app might be a good option as it is completely free app.

And when I say all data can be transferred I mean it literally. You can transfer contacts, call logs, SMS, MMS, all kinds of media files, apps, app data, system settings, Wifi networks, passwords and more.

To use the app, you just need to install it on both the devices and clicking on “Receive” on the new phone and “Send” on the old phone you will be asked to choose the data you want to transfer. Once selected, all data will be transferred very quickly.

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The above transfer methods should make it easier to transfer data to your new device. I recommend you to try using an app by your phone manufacturer or CLONEit to transfer all the data easily, if this method doesn’t work you can always transfer the data separately using the above methods via Google accounts.



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