How to download an old version of Android programs easily

How to download an old version of Android programs is the most popular topic in recent times, because there are many modern versions of some programs with some difficult updates and incomprehensible or complicated terms.

Also, there are sometimes some problems that appear due to Android program updates, which may cause some things to malfunction in the phone, such as notifications problems in general or to stop suddenly.

Many users do not know that these problems are one of the problems of Android software updates, but it automatically starts to resort to the old versions of the device known before.

In this article, we will get acquainted briefly on some of the important points that are specific to this particular position.

What are Android programs?

Before knowing how to download an old version of Android programs, we will know what programs are in the following lines:

Android programs are applications designed to meet a specific need of users, which can be turned on or off by the user, who is the first and last controller of its operation.

It also do the commands required of it at any time such as a media player or language translator or similarly grouped among themselves such as the ERP, CRM and Microsoft Office.

What is the way to download an old version of Android programs?

There are two ways to get the old version of Android programs, which we recommend in the beginning is the first method and if it does not work, apply the second method.

The first way:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then Apps Manager.
  • Choose the old version of the app and tap on it.
  • Click the Uninstall Updates button and agree, if you don’t see it directly click on the 3 dots in the top left.

The second way:

  • Go to the APK Mirror website and then click on the search field.
  • Then type in the name of the application you want the old version of.
  • To complete the method of downloading an old version of Android programs, choose the All Versions list, which contains all versions of the application since the beginning of its launch on electronic stores.

  • Choose the desired version with its version number and release time, and click on it.
  • Download the version by clicking on the Download APK button.
  • Go to the Downloads file on your phone and click on the file.
  • Activate the feature to download from unknown sources – if you get this message.
  • Click on the APK file to install the version.

What is the benefit of downloading Android programs?

  • Complete tasks and assignments very quickly.
  • Save time, effort and money.
  • The ability to complete more than one task at the same time.
  • Ease of use and understanding.
  • Spend fun free time.
  • The method of downloading an old version of Android programs enables you to ensure the presence of the service at any time or place.
  • It is one of the most important means of communication in many areas of life and marketing in the field of work.
  • Providing all the programs that serve your daily needs without the need for external assistance may not be available.

What are the damages caused by downloading Android programs?

There are no fixed damages for all programs as they differ from each other. Rather, it is often the slow speed and performance of the device and the problems of responding to commands.

Which is better to download an old version of the Android program or a modern version?

This is because the device capabilities are not compatible with software updates, so there is no preference for certain versions. Rather, the ruling in that is the capabilities of your device, whether it accepts updates or not.

What are the steps to stop Android programs updates?

Adjust your phone settings as follows to avoid the cycle of reverting to the method point of downloading an old version of Android program:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Click on 3 dots or short lines.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose Do Not Auto Update Apps, in the Auto Updates option, select Do Not Auto Update Apps.

What are the points to consider if you want to update Android programs?

  • Make sure your device is upgradable upon purchase.
  • Delete all files and applications that you do not need.
  • Use trusted cleaning apps.
  • Charging the device to more than 60% to avoid stopping it due to the battery.

What are the best Android programs?

Faster & Safer Internet

It is popular with owners of companies and businessmen because its mission is to obtain a high speed of the Internet, which saves time and completes tasks in record time and is available on the store. There is a way to download an old version, everyone now needs the Internet, as it is like water and air now.

Microsoft Office Lens

It is indispensable for administrative and paperwork owners, graduate students and university students, as its task is to check papers and photos with the possibility of changing their format to (PDF), and is also available on the store.


This amazing application that provides you with the latest paid applications is completely free of charge, all owners of games and paid programs have an urgent call, download this application from the store. 

VLC Media

It is one of the most powerful applications specialized in the field of media. Its task is to read all formats and provide a separate translation feature for fans of foreign films and series, and it is available on the store.




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