How to be a professional in photography

Do you want to learn how to take great photos on your phone? You’ll be a professional photographer, follow these 10 tips for modern, easy-to-use, multi-purpose and full-featured cameras. To take beautiful and professional photos does not necessarily mean that you have an expensive camera and photography accessories, but rather depends on how you use the features of the camera. Follow some simple tips, and be careful before shooting.

Ten Tips to be Professional photographer 

lighting must be good

it’s the truth. It’s all about the light.

This is what will help make a good and great photography . Check out the shadows the sun makes on people. Note the reflective light outside the buildings. It is a short period of time after sunrise or just before sunset. Watch how light from a window falls into a room at different moments.

On smartphones, it is best to take advantage of the lighting conditions in which your device is operating at its best.

Avoid using digital zoom

Do not use the zoom in/out on your smartphone.

I think this is the first step towards taking a bad smartphone photo. If you want to zoom in on something, use your legs and move!

All you need to know is that zooming on mobile devices is never good.

Avoid moving the phone while shooting

Try to keep the phone without any movement while taking pictures to avoid blurring, especially in low light.

Camera shake when taking pictures is very bad even on professional cameras. You can avoid shaking by practicing how to hold your phone.

  • Hold it horizontal at all times rather than vertically. This gives you a wider frame.
  • Try to be still when taking pictures.
  • Know what you’ll be using your camera for (either custom mode, auto mode, night mode, timer, beauty mode, or continuous shooting). The idea is to take clear pictures without camera shake. You will be happy with the result.

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Choose the right angles

Changing angles in a shot is not the best practice to get a great shot. That’s totally wrong

I think changing your angles and perspective not only gives you a better opportunity, but it also shows how you see the subject.

So get down on the ground or climb to a high vantage point turn to the appropriate side and change positions. Try to choose the appropriate angles around the picture that you want to take your picture.

Applications to edit some photos

Mobile photography is great because of the thousands of apps dedicated to the camera on smartphones.

These applications are incredibly useful in editing your work. You can correct problems such as poor lighting, you can enhance other details to make the person look acne-free, clarify certain aspects of a photo, or allow you to add text or other effects to the photo.

Find your favorite program, learn how to use it well, and you can take your already awesome photo to a professional level.

cleaning the glasses

It’s a base lens glass should be cleaned. Just as when you have a dirty windshield in your car that you can’t see clearly, cleaning can give you clearer vision and improve results.

A shot with a clean lens will always be better than a shot with fingerprints.

Quality and quantity

Don’t be afraid to take another shot. Capture anything and everything that fits your imagination.

The important thing here is that the more photos you take, the more comfort you will have, and the more direction you want to take for your photography, the more professional you will get.

The only thing holding you back is the amount of storage space on your phone and how long the battery can last if you are shooting by a dedicated camera.

Mirror and puddles reflect a wonderful picture

Here’s one of my favorite tips: Mirrors, glasses, puddles, water shapes, smooth surfaces, and glossy surfaces all make pretty cool reflections.

Look for reflective surfaces and take your photos at angles or in direct comparison with a reflection. Even simple shades of light can make amazing reflections.


This is the last rule and the only link that must be adhered to. If you haven’t listened to anything I gave you here, “choose the right angles” is the only rule you have to promise me to use when getting into mobile photography.

Join the photographs kept by photographers and other communities in your area. It’s always fun when you do it with others who are learning and enjoying art.

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