Free background removal for iPhone

Free background removal for iPhone, Are you looking for a program to make the background of the image white for the iPhone? Well, you are in the right place, the photos we take with our iPhones are not always perfect because they may contain unwanted objects in the background.

Removing the background from the image will allow you to superimpose it on a new background of your choice.

Which means that you can perfectly design and edit your photo. In this article, we will introduce you to the best software to make photo background white or transparent for iPhone with explanations so that you can create amazing images to attract the attention of the viewer.

Apps to Change Background of a Photo to White

1. Magic Eraser Background Editor

This background remover software allows you to remove background from your photos easily as it offers powerful tools that even a child can use. The program allows you to enlarge the image, allowing you to get more accuracy while removing the background of the image.

2. Background Eraser

Although iPhone software does not provide many options, but we decided to add it as a precaution in case you did not like the first one, this program offers powerful enough features to allow you to remove any part of your photo.

For example, the Target Auto Area Remove tool erases parts of an image that have a similar color, making this app very fast and efficient if you’re trying to remove a monochromatic background.

The program allows you to add a new background image to the image you removed its background, and you can also specify the size of the image you want to save. 

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How to make photo background white on iPhone

The method is very simple and easy and we will apply the explanation through the Magic Eraser program:

  • Open the program to remove the background from the image.
  • All the photos on your phone will automatically appear.
  • Choose the photo which you want to remove its background.
  • Then choose the automatic background removal tool.
  • Select the background to remove it by placing the circle and arrow on it.
  • Wait for the background to be removed.
  • Some parts may remain in the background. Erase itt by the manual eraser.
  • Then click on Save to save the image to your phone.

How to make the image background white for iPhone (transparent)

You will not need a program to remove the background from the image, you will use a site that offers this service for free and without a watermark.
  • Enter this site from > here.

This site helps to remove the background and make it transparent, whether from an image on a phone or through an image on the Internet that has its link.

  • Click on “Upload image” option to choose an image from your phone and upload it. Or click on Paste image or URL and put the link of the image to start the process of removing its background.
  • Wait for a while to start the process, then the background will be removed from the image you selected and you can download it by pressing the Download button.

    The site allows you to download the image after the process in PNG format so that you can add anything behind the image using a special program for editing images such as Photoshop or any program, whether by phone or computer.

    And just so we have finished this article about. I hope that you will be able to remove the background of any image with these programs. If you like the topic, share it with your friends and do not forget to follow us on social media sites Facebook and Twitter or our YouTube channel to receive all new and thank you. 

    The first program: Magic Eraser

    The seond program: Background Erase

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