Be careful of these errors that harm the computer

All of us make many errors that harm the computer. While we’re spending the majority of our time using our computers, particularly laptops. Because it is a need of the modern lifestyle. Repeating these mistakes means that you’re leading your device to its end. So, take into consideration the following errors and avoid them: 

be careful of these errors that harm your computer

  • Lack of cleaning: 

Many small behaviors that look simple on the outside can be enough reason to stop your computer from working. Bringing food close to the laptop may cause recurring entry of small pieces. however, you noticed or not, the accumulation of these items will cause your computer to shut down. So be aware. 

  • Being messy in anything would be harmful: 

Carrying the device in a mess -like some people who hold their laptop by the screen- will definitely damage the device mechanically, and you don’t want to damage the physical parts of your device, so don’t underestimate this point at all.

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  • Do not covet: 

Some people may like to keep their laptops plugged in for a long time. While it increases the temperature of the battery and can be damaged. So when the device is fully charged, unplug it. 

  • Violence in dealing with the screen:

Most of us open and close the screen many times a day. This doesn’t cause any problem as long as we do it in the right way. if you do it violently, you will cause it great harm. You have to open and close the device gently and hold it from the middle. This will keep your device safe. 

  • Quick disconnect the charger: 

We may damage the device’s charger when we are in a hurry. Disconnecting the charger in the wrong way causes malfunctions. It is one of the most common errors that harm the computer. 

  • Allow the temperature to rise:

one of the serious errors that can harm your computer is the high temperature of the processor. particularly, when you use a laptop. doing a lot of operations at the same time is the main reason for high temperature. You have to decrease the temperature with some tricks. for example: use a base to raise the computer off the table or desk. It may help in decreasing the temperature of the processor. 

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